Local And International Opportunities

There are two ways to join the Hog's Breath Cafe system:

  1. Purchase an existing store - Send an email to  loveday@hogsbreathasia.com to discuss further. 
  2. Open a new store - Once a viable market is targeted, the successful applicant will receive assistance in all areas of establishing their own store. This assistance includes rent negotiations, design layouts, construction, fit-out and training. All new franchisees must satisfactorily complete the eight week training program within the system prior to the opening of the new store.

Email to loveday@hogsbreathasia.com

The ideal premises would incorporate 2500 sqf minimum with the following requirements:

  • Adequate floor space to seat 120 patrons.
  • Minimum kitchen space of 200 square feet with forced ventilation.
  • Minimum 100 square feet for office space, dry stores and cool room.
  • Adequate toilet facilities as set down by the authorities.
  • Lease for a period of 3 years with the option of 3 years

Once you have completely reviewed the franchise information and feel you can meet the initial criteria listed in this franchise information section, the process to join the Hog's Breath family typically happens in the following order:

  • A letter is sent to Hog's Breath Cafe Chijmes in Singapore to register your interest, complete with specific background information.
  • A telephone conversation is held with our Director of Operations & Development.
  • Mail out of a Hog's Breath Cafe franchise application form.
  • Once this is returned and is satisfactory, an in depth information package is forwarded to you.
  • Completed application form is received by Hog's Breath Cafe (Singapore) along with a proposed site.
  • A meeting will be scheduled for all parties to meet up & establish relationships.
  • Signing of confidentiality agreement and lodgement of deposit.
  • Site selection is completed.
  • Interior and exterior designs are finalized and approved.
  • Construction begins.
  • Somewhere in this process is the 2-month training program at Hog University.
  • Construction is completed and actual in-store training begins with new staff.
  • Grand opening.
  • Pass go, collect $200 and begin operating what could be the most successful restaurant in town!!!!

Special notes

  • Some of the above steps may and do happen concurrently.
  • All proposed sites would have to be inspected and approved by the company.
  • Applicants are advised to inspect current locations and speak to these franchisees before committing themselves to a franchise.
  • The applicant must be of good character and must be able to successfully apply for a liquor license.
  • Franchisees are expected to be actively engaged in the day to day operation of their restaurant. Absentee ownership is neither encouraged nor permitted.

Once the applicant is approved and has accepted and agrees to the terms of the franchise agreement, the applicant then has the rights to the contents of the franchise agreement.

Financial Commitment

Specific areas of note are (as of this date) Franchise Fee is AUD$50,000 (incl GST) which is paid as follows:

  • $10,000 on the signing of the confidentiality agreement.
  • $40,000 on the signing of the franchise agreement.
  • Franchise terms are for a period of 10 years, with a renewal for another 10 years unless the building lease is for a period of less time in which the renewal term is equal to the term of the lease.
  • An exclusive territory or geographical location will be agreed to.
  • Monthly royalty of 5% of gross food and beverage sales.
  • Monthly Co-Operative advertising royalty of 2% of gross food and beverage sales.

The cost to establish a Hog's Breath Cafe restaurant for trading is estimated at AUD$500,000 (excluding GST). A detailed breakdown of these costs is included in the confidential information supplied at a later date.

The franchisee is solely responsible for their own financing including the cost of construction, improvements, equipment and fixtures. It is a requirement that the applicant provide a minimum of 50% of the establishment costs in unencumbered capital (cash). Assuming establishment costs of AUD$500,000, a financing package may be as follows:

  • $ 300,000 - Cash
  • $ 100,000 - Borrowed funds
  • $ 100,000 - Leased equipment
  • $ 500,000 (Excluding GST)

Remember these costs are estimates only and no reliance should be made on these numbers.

The cost of premises, the cost to bring the premises to bare walls and finished floors, with plumbing and electrics in place, or the cost of the equipment will vary significantly from location to location.

For international queries for Hogs Breath Cafe:

Contact David Loveday on +61 419 799189 or email  loveday@hogsbreathasia.com

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